Everything you ever wanted to know about the syrup waffle

but were afraid to ask

Stroopwafel met ijs Wafflelujah

Stroopwafel trivia – Did you know that …

  • in the Netherlands we eat more than 520 million stroopwafels a year? Lay them side by side and you’ll easily be able to circle the Earth.
  • the stroopwafel originates from the Dutch town of Gouda?
  • the 19th century was the Golden Age for the syrup waffle? At the time, there were about 130 stroopwafel bakeries in Gouda.
  • the original recipe is still kept secret?
  • it’s not difficult to bake stroopwafels at all? You can do it! Just follow a workshop at for example in Gouda or simply try one of the recipes at home. You can find them here.
Recept Stroopwafel Chocoladespetters Wafflelujah
  • the largest syrup waffle ever baked in the Netherlands measured almost 2.5 m across? It was made of 60 kg of dough and 30 litres of syrup.
  • you can also buy stroopwafel liqueur, stroopwafel ice cream, stroopwafel sandwich spread, stroopwafel facial mask, stroopwafel locking clips, stroopwafel baby bodysuits, stroopwafel teethers and stroopwafel coasters?
  • in the US they sell kale & spinach stroopwafels?
  • there are Dutch entrepreneurs baking stroopwafels in, amongst other places, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua and the United States?
  • the ceiling of Google’s Amsterdam office is decorated with huge stroopwafels? Stroopwafel inspiration – there is more to Holland than cheese, tulips and clogs!
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