Sweet concerts

Double enjoyment

A concert accompanied by a stroopwafel during the break!

We’ve been saying it all the time, syrup waffles bring people together, they make everyone happy, and they are also just yummy!

The Stichting Stroopwafelconcerten is a super sympathetic initiative that brings together care institutions and young musical talent. They support people in society who can use a helping hand; residents of care institutions and their staff, carers and their relations. Even the better, the stroopwafels are baked by people with a distance to the labour market in a day activity center. There is a free stroopwafel for every concert-goer. Bags of syrup waffles for charity can also be purchased.

Why stroopwafels, we ask Jan Drost, board member of the Foundation.
“There are a thousand answers to that. One of those answers is that almost everyone just enjoys a stroopwafel from time to time – and rightly so in our opinion. A second reason is that older residents and clients of (residential) care institutions are familiar with the stroopwafel as a special delicacy from the past.”


“Moreover, we can bake the stroopwafels ourselves since we bought a stroopwafel iron. The bakers at the day activity center De Oude School in Ermelo bake the waffles for us. It’s a peasant extra activity for them, giving them a lot of fun and pride. ”

“The Corona crisis did pose a problem for us: suddenly, healthcare institutions were closed for visitors. We had to cancel a lot of already planned concerts. Fortunately, thanks to the beautiful sunny weather, it turned out to be possible to organize outdoor concerts. So we’ve been doing that ever since!
We are delighted that we received a large amount of machine-baked and safely wrapped syrup waffles from Daelmans Banket for these ‘outdoor stroopwafel concerts’. Because ‘our’ day activity center was also closed because of Corona. And we feel it is impossible to have the concerts without stroopwafels! ”

For whom?

“Our free stroopwafel concerts are intended for the residents (and their next-to-kin and friends) and staff of the care center where the concert takes place. Of course, the musicians’ parents and collegaeaus are welcome, too!
Based on our extensive experience, we offer care institutions the opportunity for their residents to organize a connecting and relaxing (light) classical music performance. The healthcare institution takes care of the location and the location-related aspects of the concert. We take care of the contacts with the musicians and the organization of the stroopwafels. In practice, within the possibilities of our musical repertoire, we can adapt the musical program to the wishes and preconditions of the healthcare institution.”

So you will continue to make music?

“Our concept is catching on! We are also increasingly asked to organize a stroopwafel concert for residents. You know why? Oviousbly, because of those delicious stroopwafels!”

Listen to the stroopwafel concerts on YouTube or visit www.stroopwafelconcerten.nl for more information and to contact the organization.

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