Stroopwafel ladybirds

For 10 people

1 square cardboard box
1 sheet light-green and 1 sheet dark-green cardboard
Glue, scissors, ruler and pencil
20 stroopwafels (mixture of small and large)
100g chocolate (milk or dark)
Brightly coloured sugar-coated chocolate drops e.g. Smarties

 Put the box on the light-green cardboard and draw around it. Cut out a square the same size as the box. Turn the box over and glue the square onto the base of the box. Measure the total perimeter of the box and cut a strip of light-green paper the same length. The strip should extend about 5 cm above the edge of the box.

Cut the top edge of the strip into small points to look like blades of grass. Again, cut the top edge into points (grass). Glue the light-green strip onto the box. Then stick the (shorter) dark-green strip onto the light-green one. Sprinkle the green clippings that you cut out from the two colours of cardboard as ‘grass’ on the flat surface of the box.

Cut the chocolate into pieces and melt in the bain-marie. Carefully slice 10 stroopwafels with chocolate using a cooking brush, and stick two half stroopwafels on the edge of each chocolate stroopwafel.

You can stick the wings with their rounded side facing inwards or outwards, whatever you prefer. Position the halves at a slight angle to make them look more like wings. Stick the brightly coloured choclate drops with a littel bit of melted chocolate as spots on the wings. Leave to dry.

Place the ladybirds on the ‘grass’. Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home! 

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