Candied lemon stroopwafels

For the candied lemon

Organic lemons
Dark chocolate

Take some organic (thus untreated) lemons, and scrub them thoroughly. The number of lemons you need depends on how many stroopwafels (big or small) you want to make. Remove the stalk and cut the lemons in slices approximately 3 mm thick. Remove the pips. Put the slices into a thin layer of water and let them boil for a few minutes. Pour the water away and repeat the process twice more. This ensures that the bitter taste disappears. The lemon aroma is mainly contained in the fruit’s essential oils. Oil is not soluble in water, so happily the aroma is not lost!
After you have quickly boiled the lemon slices three times, weigh them, and place them in a wide pan so that they are next to each other as much as possible. Then add the same weight in sugar and pour in enough water so that it just covers everything. Simmer for at least 1-2 hours, so that the rind begins to get translucent. Sieve the lemons and leave on a baking rack for one day to dry out.

For the stroopwafels

Bake or buy small stroopwafels. If the stroopwafels are not warm, you need to warm them up a bit in the oven and then separate the two halves. Put a slice of candied lemon on top of one half (ideally the same size as the stroopwafel) and then place the other half back on top.
Warm up some good quality dark chocolate in a bain-marie (NB: the bowl above the pan cannot touch the water). As soon as the chocolate has melted (preferably not letting it get warmer than 31°C), dip one side of each stroopwafel in. Then place the stroopwafels on a baking tray covered with baking paper so the chocolate can harden (you can put the tray in the fridge if you want). As garnish, you can use a couple of lemon balm leaves—but even without them, the stroopwafels still look great and taste fabulous!

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