The secret of the most original promotional gift

In over two centuries stroopwafels from the Dutch town of Gouda have conquered hearts and palates all over the world. Everybody has sweet memories when it comes to stroopwafels. Dutch expats (almost) kill for it and visitors to the Netherlands tuck them in their suitcases before returning home. Stroopwafels bring people together, in the Netherlands and far beyond. Everybody loves them:
  • 18 out of 30 US basketball teams eat stroopwafels as an energy bar.
  • United Airlines serves them on their flights.
  • Prince Harry savours stroopwafels.
  • People freaked out when McDonald’s brought the McFlurry Stroopwafel to America.

Do you want to offer your customers an unusual and unique giveaway? The wonderful world of the stroopwafel, the only book on stroopwafels, is a beautiful, lasting present which conveys warmth and involvement. Luxury hardcover edition, gold embossing and caramel coloured bookmarker.

Shipping from stock. Please get in touch for delivery times and purchase prices.

Are you interested in a personalized copy (e.g. branded cover of customized preface) of the Dutch or English edition? Please inform about the possibilities. info@wafflelujah.com

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