Visit Gouda for a syrup crusade and enjoy baking your own stroopwafels with your workmates

Stroopwafels come with the smell of bygone days. When you taste stroopwafels you taste warmth. Surround yourself and your team mates with the scent of sweet memories. Watch how the delicious Dutch cookies roll off the production line to start their famous lives as the crispy waffles filled with gooey syrup that make you crave for more.

Have you always felt like baking your own kingsize stroopwafel? Book a stroopwafel workshop now! By far the nicest and most original team building activity ever – a lot better than the usual paintball or bowling session or any corporate activity day you have ever had before. And to continue at home: a free copy of the only and unique book on stroopwafels The wonderful world of the stroopwafel!

Please contact Lineke or Ulrike for more information.

Recept Stroopwafels Wafflelujah
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