The makers of The wonderful world of the stroopwafel

Lineke Eerdmans, Uitgeverij Lineke Eerdmans, Wafflelujah

Lineke Eerdmans

Lineke Eerdmans: She relishes making books and capturing stories of inspiring people. In fact, that is why she became an editor.

Culinary track record: Lineke worked as editor-in-chief of the Dutch food magazine Smulweb. Otherwise, she mainly sticks to tasting. For Lineke, making this book was, quite literally, a mouth-watering experience.

Favourite stroopwafel recipe: She did not know what had hit her when she first tasted stroopwafel soup.

Wafflelujah Stroopwafelmakers


We are Lineke and Ulrike. We eat stroopwafels and we bake stroopwafels. Together we had the idea for The wonderful world of the stroopwafel. We both love stories, and we both love sweet stuff—and these things come together in the stroopwafel.

This biscuit has existed since 1810, though it’s very likely that people were baking flat biscuits between two irons back in the Bronze and Ice Ages ... so who's talking about old?

Ulrike Schmidt, Meander Media, Wafflelujah

Ulrike Schmidt

Ulrike Schmidt: Ulrike started her culinary career in her German mum’s kitchen, and now works as a freelance (culinary) journalist, copywriter and editor(-in-chief) for various companies and organizations.

Culinary track record: Ulrike is the culinary conscience of The wonderful world of the stroopwafel and created a couple of recipes which you can find in the book. She often writes about (sustainable) food and its producers, amongst others for Slow Food.

Favourite stroopwafel: She sticks to stroopwafels with candied lemon and dark chocolate.

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