The book: The wonderful world of the stroopwafel

The famous Dutch cookie that sticks!

Making them yourself is easier than you might think with the recipes for syrup, stroopwafels and syrup biscuits. Don’t feel like it?
Why not try one of the sweet and sticky craft ideas for a party at the office or at home?
And follow the stroopwafel crusade along with all sorts of stroopwafel lovers worldwide …

You are only one step away from the best stroopwafel ever …

The wonderful world of the stroopwafel in the media

It is not for nothing that the stroopwafel is the first cookie to be honoured with its own book.
Kees Raat
The socially involved stories are particularly beautiful.
Nederlands Dagblad
Listen to the makers of The wonderful world of the stroopwafel on the Dutch culinary radio programme Mangiare!, which was broadcast at 7pm on Friday 7 August 2015 on NPO Radio
Fusina Verloop/
… incredibly fun book
Emile Bode/De Telegraaf
The book about the stroopwafel is fabulous.
Hilary Akers/FD
All my prejudices vanished in the blink of an eye thanks to Ulrike Schmidt and Lineke Eerdmans … this really is not a granny’s cookie.
Yvette den Brok/Eindhovens Dagblad​
This is not just a book to read, but a book to roll up your sleeves and get going.
What on earth can you tell about something as notorious, solid and utterly Dutch as stroopwafels? Well, a lot!
De Gooi- en Eemlander

The authors of The Wonderful World of the Stroopwafel, Lineke Eerdmans and Ulrike Schmidt, were interviewed by the Dutch culinary radio show Mangiare! on 7 August 2015, 19.00 o’clock, NPO Radio 1.​

Listen here to the show.

Listen here to the show

“Even though you may look stylish, so clever or so guile,
So strong or so detached, maybe a hero or quite vile,
Inside every human being
Is a Stroopwafelophile.”

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